Collaboration: Angelica Cupat
Role: User Experience, User Interface, Research, Prototyping.

NPR Kids is an self-initiated conceptual application designed to help children enjoy reading the news at home or at school. NPR Kids brings a relevent and catered experience to help make news more enjoyable and digestable to kids. By having NPR as a platform, we make sure kids are updated with relelvent and educational news.

Problem Space

In this modern age, kids are glued to the screen — spending more than 6.5 hours a day of screentime. So we thought to ourselves, “why aren’t kids spending more time doing something more productive like reading the news?” Currently, kids in elementary school get most of their exposure to news in the classroom. Teachers hand out news magazines created for kids, and often times will ask kids to do a writing exercise based off of what they read. Most kids find this boring and non-informative. So how can we get kids the education they deserve yet keeping it fun and engaging?

Design Aesthetics

Because of our young target audience, we wanted to keep the design style young and fun. By making the aesthetics similar to a game UI it drives the intention that news isn't something boring and irrelevent, but something fun and interesting. Each character is assigned to a specific topic and appears throughout the app.

Parent / Teacher Client

Parent and teachers will also have the opportunity to review their childs statistics and guide them to become more knowledgable. Ultimately our goal was to have a meaningful experience between adult and child through this app.