MAXXI Museum Rebrand

Branding, Web Design, UX

Institution: University of Washington
Instructor: Brian Boram

Italy is filled with rich culture and architecture everywhere you look. The MAXXI Museum, Museo nazionale delle arti del XXI secolo, embodies the simplicity and innovation of art and design. Located near the heart of Rome, MAXXI showcases contemporary exhibitions and artwork from around the world. It’s the perfect mixture of traditional and modern art. Previous logos for the MAXXI embodied the culture of old Rome, but didn't reflect the growing and spectactular mixture of old and new.

The logo for MAXXI has had some redesigns since their opening. Their original logo in 2010 was geometric and portrayed the essence of the architecture. In 2014, MAXXI went through a redesign and displayed a new logo. The redesigned logo reflected the traditional idea of Italian culture and tradition, but lost the modern and geometric vibe that MAXXI is known for. So how do you keep it sleek and modern while still bringing the attention to the art and culture? The identiity system I propose I believe satisfies both realms.


The new logo reflects the striking environment and creative artwork in the MAXXI. The adaptable X allows the visitor to view the growing opportunities that art provides us.

Brand Language

Photography and design elements were created to compliment the logo and environment of MAXXI. Another element that's part of the design language is the use of a red bar. This bar is seen throughout the interior of the museum. I brought the red bar into the language to tie it back to the physical elements seen within the museum.

Web and Mobile

Along with a new logo, a new web and mobile experience was designed. A simplified user interface reflects the brand style and also an easy-to-view exhibtion experience.